Swiss Cytometry Society Spring Meeting 2023: Review

We thank all the participants for an inspiring meeting!

Setting up the Meeting entrance at the University Zurich

This year’s SCS Spring Meeting was a first-time collaboration together with the Swiss Cytometry Meeting. A joint program was created, which enabled a lively exchange between clinically active users of flow cytometry and the research groups present. The Plenary Session talks, among others with MC Bene, as well as the Best of ESCCA formed an inspiring event with a special glance at the future of flow. And of course the General Assembly Meeting took place. The minutes of this meeting as well as all SCS talks including Best of ESCCA are available in the members area. The meeting was very well attended and a further cooperation will be evaluated for the next cytometry meeting in two years.

SCS General assembly and new Board composition

During the SCS Spring Meeting the General Assembly took place including the welcome of several new SCS members and election of the Board. After 6 year as Board member and 3 year as president of the SCS Jan Dirks had to finish his valued work for the Board. But we are grateful that he will continue to support the board for another year as an honorary member and help the new president to settle in.

We are very pleased to announce that Bijan Moshaver was willing to take over the lead of the SCS and was elected new president. We are as well very happy to welcome Cassandra Hogan from HUG as new board member. Bijan Moshaver and Corinne Widmer were both elected for their second term in the board.